CBD – What is the Optimal Dosage for Best Results without Side Effects

People consuming CBD oil may have several questions before they start taking it. They would want to know how much cannabidiol they must take in a day. What kind of dosage of CBD oil will give them the benefits intended, but won't result in any harm either? There is no direct answer to these questions since the daily dosage of CBD oil depends on a wide range of factors.

 Why is the Dosage of CBD Oil Important?

 If you are taking CBD oil to overcome severe pain and out of fear consume a lower dosage, you won't get relief from the pain. Consuming in excess does not give any benefit; you may only end up emptying the stock and have to order for more. They don't come cheap. In reality, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this dilemma. Multiple factors go into concluding what the best dosage of CBD oil would be for your use.

 Factors That Can Influence the Dosage Decision

 There are indeed several factors to be taken into reckoning before a dosage can be considered the appropriate one. Unfortunately, even medical practitioners are not very familiar with CBD oil as a therapeutic remedy. This is because CBD oil has not come through the allopathic system of medicine. It is extracted from a naturally occurring substance, not synthesized in a laboratory of a pharmaceutical company.

  • The factors that determine the dosage start with your body structure. A person with a tall and strong build will naturally require a higher dosage than someone who has a compact body structure.
  • How much you weigh can have an influence on the dosage of CBD oil you should consume. Experts suggest even the body fat percentage is critical to determine the dosage for achieving the best results.
  • Another factor to be taken into account is whether you are taking CBD oil to get relief from severe pain or just to get a high and feel relaxed. The dosage can even differ with the condition that you wish to treat in the body. For more severe symptoms, you have to increase the dosage for quicker results.
  • You must consider the time of day you are consuming the CBD oil. If you want to feel relaxed in the evening, you can take high doses.
  • The last but very critical factor that can influence the dosage and the effects CBD oil can deliver is if you are already on any other medication. CBD oil can interfere with other medications. As mentioned, your doctor who has prescribed those medications should be able to help. The chances are very slim that your doctor would agree to stop the medication and take CBD oil.

Each of the above factors can go on to determine the correct dosage of CBD oil intake.

How Do You Measure the Dosage?

The question that most people are faced with is the exact measure of the dosage. Should it be in milligrams or other measures? In the regular system of medicine, you will find the tablets and capsules stamped with the concentration of the main drug in mg. The CBD oil that you have purchased will have the details mentioned on the label. It can be in volume, that is milliliters (ml) or in weight, milligrams (mg). The third dimension and the one that is recommended is to measure the oil in terms of drops.

You should check the concentration of CBD ingredients in the CBD oil you have purchased.

A Word about the Cannabidiol Extractions

There is a need to pause a little bit and understand the different aspects in play here. There is no single type of hemp from which the cannabidiol is extracted. As an amateur, you may not be able to find out the precise concentration of the main ingredient in the CBD oil you have purchased. You have to go by what the manufacturer has declared on the container's label. There is an issue here too.

A research study undertaken around 3 years earlier had revealed that four-fifths of the CBD products tested did not conform to the declaration on the labels. This is an unpleasant situation since you cannot be toying with an important substance you wish to consume daily. Remember the fact that CBD oil with 10% concentration of active ingredient will work more effectively than others which have 7% or 5%. This is only if the CBD oil you purchased is from a good manufacturer.

The only option you possibly have is to check if the manufacturer is a reliable one. The best ones in the business will have their websites where they upload the latest test certificates for their products. You may even have to improve your knowledge of these through online research and study. Once you are armed with the details, you should be able to decide on the dosage of CBD oil for regular consumption. In the end, getting this right is important.

Measurement in Drops the Ideal Way

After detailed consideration of the different permutations and combinations, the best method appears to be to measure the dosage in terms of the number of drops. As mentioned above, there is no help coming forth from the medical fraternity on the ideal dosage of CBD oil. If anything, your general physician may even discourage you from consuming CBD oil.

The experts suggest that the ideal range based on the experience of the users is between 10mg and 40mg of the product. Since it is easier to measure the drops of CBD oil you add to your food, you should convert this into drops. The way to do it is explained later in this article. The model is first explained through the milligram route.

Within the 10mg-40mg per day range, you will have to use your own assessment to choose the dosage. You will have to bring all those factors discussed above into reckoning here. If you possess a well-built structure and have severe pain, then you may wish to start with 30mg to 40mg a day. This calculation can keep moving downward as the elements are lower in value. This means, if the body weight is lower, the dosage will be reduced. You could probably start with 25mg per day.

As you notice the results of using CBD oil, you can regulate this dosage. Let's say you started with 25mg per day. After a week, if the relief is hardly felt, increase it to 30mg per day for the next week. You could keep increasing this in measures of 5mg each progressive week till you reach 40mg per day. Your body will react to the dosage and you will be able to sort out and settle to the correct dosage within a few weeks.

Now, on the mg to drops conversion, it has been determined that a 10ml CBD oil bottle will have 200 drops. This will roughly convert a drop of CBD oil to 5mg in weight. This calculation suggests that if you are starting at a dosage of 25mg, take 5 drops a day. You will need a filler to fill the CBD oil and then add in drops to whatever you are using to consuming the oil. It's commonly available in stores.

Will Excess Dosage be Harmful?

You cannot avoid this question. What if you committed an error and consumed an overdose of CBD oil? The answer to that question is directly in the negative. There are no known cases of overdose of CBD oil resulting in any serious impact on the health of an individual. There may be some side effects. On the contrary, there are studies to confirm that even after taking 1,500mg per day, a person's health does not deteriorate in any manner. At least fatality is ruled out.

If the normal dosage per day goes higher and even if you consume over an extended period, there is no serious harm. These studies provide you the comfort in knowing that there is indeed no adverse effect on the human body due to an overdose of CBD oil. There is a scientific reason for this as well. One property observed in cannabidiols is that they tend to degrade swiftly once they make an entry into the human system. This ensures that none of the vital organs are affected in any way. There have been a few cases reported where excessive and mindless consumption of CBD oil has resulted in the liver function being impaired. These cases may not offer the conclusion that an overdose of CBD oil can result in any harm.

Known Side Effects

Again, in rare cases, the person who chose to overdose himself/herself with CBD oil complained of feeling heavy and tired. These are not conditions that cannot be managed through proper medical intervention. There have also been sporadic reports of the stomach and the digestive system getting affected.

Some of the other known and reported side effects due to over-consumption of CBD oil include diarrhea, fatigue and exhaustion and loss of appetite. Some cases where the appetite increased over the normal levels have come up too. The individual may then lose weight if the appetite goes down and gain weight if he or she starts feeling hungrier.

These reactions to the overdose of CBD oil are explained by the fact that each individual is different. What is suitable for one person may not be suitable for another. It is either due to their structure and build or due to the metabolism being different. It has been referred earlier that those taking regular medication for some other condition have to be very careful while taking CBD oil as an additional intake. The best recourse would be to check with your doctor if any of the drugs he has prescribed can interfere with CBD oil.

There are special situations, like pregnant women or lactating mothers who should avoid consuming CBD oil. It can have an adverse effect on the kid. If all these precautions are taken, you can safely avoid the side effects as well.

Quality Matters a Lot

A careful study of the way the market operates at present indicates that you must be able to make the right choice as far as the CBD oil brand and quality are concerned. It is a highly unregulated market, as CBD oil is not a formulation that the FDA has an oversight. There is no other body that has the mandate to test the quality of CBD oil in the market and publish reports for the benefit of the consuming public.

You will have to rely on your educated approach to decide which manufacturer can produce high-quality CBD oil. Since you will be consuming the product daily, you must order and buy only the best in the market. Any dubious product can result in your health being affected. There have been reports of many such brands of CBD oil that contain no CBD at all. Canzon is one of the manufacturers of CBD oil and its products are certified to contain the best quality ingredients and are pure and reliable.


The question regarding the correct dosage of CBD oil to be consumed has no direct answer. It is a complicated one with several factors to be considered and evaluated before the dosage is determined. The best advice appears to be to engage in a trial and error method for a few weeks till you settle to a comfortable dosage. A range of 10mg to 40mg per day is the suggested dosage.

Experience has also led to the recommendation that you measure the dosage in drops and add that many drops to your food while consuming CBD oil daily. The range mentioned above translates into 2 to 8 drops a day. While there need not be any apprehension about the side effects, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that some extra effort is needed to select the best quality CBD oil. The products available in the market are not reliable unless they are from good manufacturers. To be safe, let your doctor recommend the right CBD oil and prescribe the appropriate dosage for you.