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26 Apr Industrial Hemp CBD Treats Appetite Disorders in Cancer Patients
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Anorexia nervosa is a common complication of malignancy and is clinically manifested by mindless eating. Prolonged anorexia will likely cause weight l..
20 Apr Who Should Take NMN and Potential Body Changes After Consumption
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NMN has been a hot topic in the market in recent years, with a total of 143 NMN-related research articles in 2023 on the efficacy and safety of NMN an..
12 Apr Against Skin Aging, NMN Effectively Reduces UV Damage
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I. Why does skin age?When it comes to aging, many people immediately think of free radicals, oxidation and so on, but few people think of how much the..
01 Apr Several Warning Signs of Lymphoma
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Many types of cancer have very straightforward names and locations, for example: breast cancer occurs in the breast, lung cancer occurs in the lungs, ..
25 Mar How Endogenous Cannabinoids Can Help You Quit Being
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If alcohol and various drugs with addictive properties want to invade your body, capture your spirit and make you his slave, what is the first thing t..
13 Mar Medical Marijuana Holds Great Promise as an Alternative Cancer Treatment
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In the last decade, a wave of scientific discovery has swept across the globe, with medical cannabis demonstrating its immense medical potential as an..
26 Feb Potential of NMN in Alleviating Male Infertility Induced by Diabetes
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Diabetes mellitus is a common chronic metabolic disease that can cause a variety of health problems, including male infertility. In recent years, a wi..
20 Feb NMN effectively improves myocardial infarction
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In a groundbreaking study published in Stem Cell Reviews and Reports in 2023, the research team unveiled compelling evidence demonstrating the therape..
13 Jan Why Can NMN Effectively Improve Sleep Quality?
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I. How can NMN give you a good night's sleep?This has to do with the biological clock. The biological clock is a virtual "clock", which is actually th..
29 Dec Why are more and more elderly adults starting to use CBD?
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Dramatic increase in the number of older adults using CBD products in the USCBD has caused a huge change in the health field over the past decade.In a..
23 Dec Scientific Weight Loss: NMN Gets You Back to A Healthy Figure
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The principle of fat loss is to burn more calories (energy) to achieve the purpose of reducing body weight, which is what we say in our daily life, "k..
16 Dec Cannabis Helps Improve Cognition In Cancer And Chemotherapy Patients
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New study shows cannabis can ease 'chemo brain'. New research from the University of Colorado at Boulder suggests that cancer patients who use marijua..
02 Dec Reveal the secret of NMN to make your hair black and shiny
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Grey hair has always been a problem for many people, it is widely believed that once the hair begins to turn grey, it means that the body sends out a ..
18 Nov CBD may be effective in systemic scleroderma fingertip ulcers
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Topical cannabidiol can safely promote healing of fingertip ulcers and improve patients' quality of life, while also relieving pain in patients with s..
22 Sep World problem: Is there really no cure for Alzheimer's?
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As a human being, the saddest thing is to forget the past, such as family, friendship and love. Memories are buried, memories are devoured, and this i..
15 Sep Scientists Find NMN Improves Silicosis to Reduce Lung Damage.
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Silicosis, also known as silicosis, is a common form of pneumoconiosis, usually caused by long-term exposure to dust and inhalation of large quantitie..
09 Sep Uncovering the therapeutic effects of NMN on insulin resistance and diabetes.
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NMN supplementation increases NAD+ levels, activates Sirtuins proteins, inhibits oxidative stress/inflammation and maintains mitochondrial function, a..
26 Aug The latest research has found that NMN may have the potential to enhance stem cell therapy.
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Stem cells are not new to many people. Stem cell technology has been developing rapidly in recent years, and words such as "stem cell haematopoiesis" ..
04 Aug Endogenous cannabinoids can treat mental illnesses such as anxiety and PTSD
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Neuron, a top neuroscience journal: new neural mechanisms by which endogenous cannabinoids regulate fear memory extinction.A growing body of literatur..
29 Jul NMN applied to stem cell exosomes, bringing new direction for heart repair
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I. What are exosomes?Exosomes are small membrane vesicles containing RNA and proteins, which are secreted by a variety of cells in both normal and pat..
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