Recently, David Sinclair, the "godfather of anti-aging" who discovered the anti-aging effects of NMN, has supported the idea that raising NAD+ is effective prevent and treat coronavirus, and published an academic article about it in the top immunology journal Trends in immunology on 11 February.

Lack of NAD+, Increased Risk of Coronavirus Infection

There is some truth to the statement that coronavirus is a disease of the elderly. Some studies have shown that hospitalisation rates, ICU admissions and mortality rates increase with age.

According to statistics, the proportion of young and middle-aged people with coronavirus is lower than that of older people, with about 8% of cases under 35 years of age; in terms of deaths, older people account for the highest number of deaths, with very few under 20 years of age.

Scientists such as David Sinclair have therefore speculated that this is because ageing reduces NAD+ levels, thus making older people more susceptible to coronavirus infection.

In addition to being more susceptible to coronavirus infections, NAD+ deficiency is also more likely to cause complications of coronavirus infection, including diabetes and insulin resistance, which can be effectively addressed by NAD+ supplementation.

Another complication of severe coronavirus infection is cardiovascular disease (CVD). Data show that dietary intake of NMN, a precursor of NAD+, reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL) concentrations and is effective in improving hyperlipidemia and enhancing cardiovascular health.

Boosts Immunity and Enhances Resistance to Viruses

Coronaviruses, being single-stranded RNA viruses, are extremely susceptible to mutation and in the intervening two years, it has changed from the original strain to the Delta strain to the recently prevalent Omicron strain, with frequent mutations causing many people to be infected repeatedly.

It is also due to COVID-19 that we have gained a new understanding of immunity. When the body is infected by a virus or bacteria, the immune system reacts biochemically. The enzymes involved in the biochemical reaction need to consume large amounts of NAD+, and the level of NAD+ in the body is constantly decreasing.


Protection against infection.

Prevent ageing or disease.

Maintain health.

Production of Antibodies Against the Virus.

Preventing Cancer, etc.

If reduce the consumption of NAD+ by the enzyme, will you be able to reduce NAD+ depletion?

But in fact, the enzymes needed for the biochemical reactions are not wasted NAD+, they are all involved in the immune response, indirectly fighting viral infections, including CD38, BST1 and SARM1.

CD38 and BST1 are highly expressed on the surface of macrophages and lymphocytes, are second messengers for calcium mobilisation, are important for immune cell activation and are also involved in the immune response.

It is for this reason that scientists such as David Sinclair believe that the involvement of NAD+ is required to maintain the activity of NAD+-consuming enzymes in biochemical reactions, so replenishing sufficient NAD+ and boosting NAD+ levels in the body may also be crucial in the fight against the virus.

Chasing Away Excessive Inflammation And Preventing Cytokine Storms

Extensive research by scientists has revealed that coronaviruses have a SARS virus-like mechanism that activates the inflammatory vesicle NLRP3, which activates more inflammatory factors and produces excessive inflammation, thus triggering a deadly cytokine storm.

NAD+ may contribute to the remission of inflammation and limit or prevent the effects of cytokine storms.

It does this by increasing the activity of sirtuins (SIRT1, SIRT2 and SIRT3), which inhibit the NF-κB inflammatory pathway and NLRP3 inflammasome activity through a variety of mechanisms, thereby preventing the cytokine storm caused by excessive inflammation.

Therefore, David Sinclair and other scientists believe that NAD+ boosters that inhibit NF-κB and NLRP3 inflammatory vesicle activity may also represent potential therapeutic approaches to improve the symptoms of coronavirus inflammation and play an important role in the prevention and treatment of coronavirus and other viral infections.


Numerous studies have shown that lower NAD+ concentrations may exacerbate the severity of coronavirus and other viral infections.

One of them, scientist David Sinclair, has even proven with a great deal of evidence - that increasing NAD+ concentrations can treat coronavirus.

However, among the measures to increase NAD+ concentrations, taking NMN seems to be the best option and may help us in the fight against coronavirus and its variants, playing an important role in the long battle against coronavirus.